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Kenzo Amour

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EDP | Woman | 100 ml | Product

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Kenzo Amour is gentle, sensual and joyful fragrance, a romantic and aromatic journey to Asia.
The perfume starts with soft and attractive aroma of Frangipani blossom which possess a very fine almond-like aroma.
The smell of these flowers fascinated one of the two creators of this perfume, Daphne Burgey, during her visit to Indonesia.
Of course, the Far East can not be imagined without Japanese cherry blossom.

From Japan we travel to China.
The heart features very comfortable and soft aroma of Chinese white tea.
The composition continues with thin milky aroma of Thailand rice, and to the gorgeous base which includes woodsy, balsamic, and musky notes, and vanilla.
Mysterious incense difuses on skin in all its nuances: nice wooden note and bittery rasin interlace with soft and powdery note of Burman Tanaka wood with aroma reminiscent of sandalwood and amber.
The composition ends with sweet and soft vanilla, clearly distinguished in the base.

The bottles design is worth mentioning as well.
Three bottles, three colors, the same scent (fuchsia color,  white and orange).
As imagined by the designer, those colors are romantic colors of Asia.
The colorful Kenzo bird on the outer box symbolizes passionate love and freedom of traveling.